Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Family Gathering Woes...

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have my Dad's family at our place for our annual family gathering. It was loads of fun except for the fact that it rained some of the time. The trouble is we spent a week (or two) trimming, washing, cleaning, fixing, organizing, and ordering a giant ice-cream machine just for one special day! I shouldn't complain except that I wonder how many people out of all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandma, noticed that the bookshelf was dusted? I know for a fact that they discovered the ice-cream machine! Except for one lovely cousin of mine who complimented me on how cleaned up everything was! Thanks Ella Mae! So.. all that inspires me to hand out compliments freely and look past the "ice-cream machine" to the smaller just as important tasks someone humbly did behind the scenes! Besides it is a lot easier to incorporate humility if you're not the one on the front lines! So be the duster not the ice-cream machine orderer!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

10 Reasons I Love My Sisters

I think sisters are one of the best thing God could ever give anyone. I have 3 and I still say that so it must be true :)

1) When you're in a dumb mood and acting in a scandolous manner they come up to you and shoot darts out of they're eyes that say "stop acting like a maniac or I'll disown you!"

2) They know I have a weakness for soft ice cream so they keep me from ordering a large cone by promising me that "there's no way they can eat all of theirs!"

3) They act as bad as I do and I feel all grown up and ladylike in their presence until I remember that they follow my example... (so much for that one...)

4) They congregate in my bedroom every evening to share jokes and the stories of the day then end up staying there until Dad sleepily yells "You better get to bed girls!" (When he says that, it's time to depart!!)

5) They detect the look in my eye that means "I'd really like to have it but I'm trying to be nice" and then give it to me :)

6) They love singing and have a ginornous heart for hurting people.

7) They keep me in my place because "they follow everything I do" (it's scary sometimes!)

8) They tell you exactly what they think (sometimes that can be a bad thing :)

9) When I complain about homework they look at me with mournful eyes and pity me in such a manner that I begin to feel a little stupid for saying anything :)

10) They provide cheap entertainment (by putting on a Christmas show and using a bed sheet for Mary's costume... poor Mary could have been mistaken for a ghost instead :(

~ Corrine