Saturday, 5 May 2012

Prepare with Prayer!

This summer in June our family is heading out to the Thousand Oaks Camp in Manitoba for a weekend of singing with some other gospel groups and we're having a hard time getting down to practising :( It's pretty much a family tradition by now... Wait until the last week and then frantically practise every evening until you get to the last evening and do one final wacky, jumbled, jam session! Anyway, this unpractising business must have muddled poor Jessica's brain, because a few nights ago she had a crazy dream that she told me about this morning. "All of a sudden one day our family ended up in an RV and we were merrily travelling out west when we remembered that we were going out there to sing! We had been so busy getting ready to go out west that we completely forgot about practising. We were all embarrassed and our program turned out horrible! A sad ending indeed... :) Thinking about that though, in order to do anything well we have to prepare. You know, prepare for a speech, prepare for hosting a dinner, prepare for worship, prepare for witnessing, and even prepare for the day. Most things require some kind of preparation. I mentioned preparing for your day... How do you prepare for your day? Or maybe you just wing it :) If that's the case there's a big chance that there's no success either and you get to the end of the day wondering why nothing went right! It's so easy to sleep in and then mumble a quick, scattered prayer as you run out the door (or just totally skip prayer). But, as a Christian, why would we lose out one of our most important tasks? Take time to talk with God. Remember your time is really His time and it's your obligation to use it for Him in the way He wants you to. Time spent with Him will make the rest of your time twice if not thrice as valuable :) Prepare with prayer!