Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Can't You See Them?

The hurting people I mean... Maybe it first hit home when I saw the Gospel Echoes brochure that comes every month or heard the starving orphan story from organizations like World Vision and Free the Children. Or maybe it came from hearing different people (even in our church) tell their story of being misunderstood, mocked, or rejected, with tears in their eyes. It hurts... And there's so many of them. Everywhere our family sings we encounter them... The people with hollow-eyed expressions who walk around with that half-scared haunted look in their sad eyes. Often they simply need someone to love them, understand them, and listen to them. Seeing these broken people through the eyes of God puts things in an entirely different light. He loves them... with a passion that we can only see a small glimpse of. He cries when they cry, hurts when they hurt, and holds them when they feel all alone. But the thing that hurts even more then these people's plight is when God's people (His filled with love, bringing peace, children) ignore the cry of those who need understanding (just a friend) and walk by with their nose in the air and sometimes (yes it happens) they may even through a stone or two (not literally, ok? :) But seeing the scars, the sadness... the hurts that are inflicted (even by God's messengers of love) was enough to prompt me to write a song and give these people a voice.. I beg you, as God's son or daughter, share your love, your hope, your joy.. Have compassion! Jesus saved You even though He had no reason to reach out to the dirty, hopeless, human race, who had spit on Him, hit Him, and killed Him. Please reach out in His Name... Just look around and you'll find them everywhere... the street corner, in the grocery store, in the nursing home, at school, and in church...



 Face It With A Prayer

Can't you see the one who's hurting,
Crying out does someone care?
Is there someone who will listen,
Hear me out and let me share?
Can't you see the one who's desperate,
Wondering is there hope for me,
Worry, sadness, and deception,
Mock my life of misery.
Can't you see the one who's praying,
For a friend who'll see his need?
Won't you go and share his burden?
On your knees you too can plead.

Won't you go and be a beacon,
Help your brother in despair?
Cause together you can journey,
And face it with a prayer.