Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Essence of This Summer...

This summer was good... and bad. Joyful... and frustrating. It had times that were tough and times that brought rejoicing. Questions were asked, questions were put on hold, and questions were answered. After all, life as a Christian is a journey. A journey of change, of growth, of failing and coming to our knees before our Holy God. After the storm comes sunshine, and naturally happiness and praise. But, this summer God has been teaching me to smile and praise Him even when it's raining. To worship with the joyful folks on a perfect CD cover even though there was a jolting rebellious movement within me to give the volume a terrific crank down to zero. I believe that living is a choice. And, although your heart is so heavy there is literal pressure inside your skin, or the best you can do is sit with tears streaming down your face, lift your heart to Jesus! He is the Healer of Healers! The world may seem overwhelmingly dark, but He will bring you through, and Heaven will only seem brighter. So, I encourage you to read this poem and allow it to speak to your heart. The essence of my summer, condensed to fit one page:

Jesus I Come..

I stand guilty, broken, before You,
Unworthy to stand in Your presence.
A failure at pleasing Your majesty,
A vessel repulsive to Your holiness.

I cannot live a life that speaks of You,
With my unrefined, human effort.
My righteousness is but filthy rags,
I fight just to revive Your love.

But deep within me, begs a prisoner,
To be freed by that same Power.
My heart faints and trusts Your mercy,
Without You I would die... Alone.

As a candle slightly wavers,
My faith, a small and flickering flame,
Hangs onto the hope of Jesus,
Carrying me through joy and pain.

At times my heart is strangled,
And I vainly search for Light.
Flames of Despair seek to devour me,
The heat dims the eyes of my life.
When the Enemy snarls behind me,
And misery seems more than my share.
I run to my Saviour for safety,
His Love is the strength that I bear.

When life is full of confusion,
And joy has hidden its face.
I go to my Rock and Redeemer,
And my heart erupts with His praise!
                                    ~ C.H.