Sunday, 17 July 2016


Within us all there is an ache
An empty wanting more.
A hole so large it drives us hard
Pursuing something more.

So many souls strike out in search
To fill the void within.
They dabble deep in pride and self
And steep themselves in sin.

They seek fulfillment in their work
Or lose their heads in play.
Thinking they can fill the hole
That haunts them day by day.

Yet fear remains and truth obscured,
The gap is still the same.
The bitter sadness in their soul
Grips tightly with its pain.

They cry for hope and search for rest,
Yet peace eludes their soul.
The aching void within their heart
Is still a giant hole.

I long to tell them of God's love,
To bring them to His face.
For only He can fill the gap,
That begs His saving grace.

The hope they seek lies in my soul,
For Jesus' grace is there.
The blood He shed on Calvary
Is hope for my despair.

The bitter ache within my heart
Is filled with joy divine,
For He alone has set me free
His precious peace is mine.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
He'll be your Strength and Guide.
Embrace His truth and let Him lead
His joy and peace you'll find.

'Tis only He who brings new life
To every troubled soul,
And only Jesus Christ can fill
Your giant aching hole.

Corrine Horst
July 10, 2016