Saturday, 13 July 2019

Where Are You?

As a Mennonite woman, one of my greatest burdens is for the Mennonite churches of today to be strong in vision and passion for the kingdom of God. It saddens my heart when I see people more concerned with their immaculate homes, souped-up vehicles, popularity status, and good reputation than loving God with all their heart and telling other people about Him. We are to shine as lights in this dark world yet, if we smudge our lives with the activities of this world, we will gradually melt into the same inky blackness that they are floundering in. My plea to the current Mennonite churches is this. Rise up! Search your hearts and see where you stand. It is fully possible to be a Mennonite without being a Christian. What gets you excited? What motivates you? What gets most of your ambition? Truly, what are you living for?

Will you leave all your treasures
Your fun and your things,
To serve in Christ's kingdom
For heavenly themes?

Will you drop all your friendships
If Christ bids you go?
The call for His kingdom
Is worth more you know.

Do you care for your money
Or people's lost souls?
Do you live for each dollar
When saved lives are gold?

Where is your vision
Where is your heart turned?
To pride, sin, and pleasure
Or saving the world?

Christ calls disciples,
Who give up their lives.
Who suffer so gladly
To share how He died.

Just where are you living?
Take note of your place.
In Christ's blessed kingdom,
Or your selfish ways?