Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Robe of Grace

I cannot boast in righteous deeds
My heart has no desire,
To stand upon the good that I
Might carefully acquire.

I would not stand on judgement day
Before a Holy God,
All filthy in my self-made rags,
Uncovered by His blood.

I need the cleansing of my Lord
The purifying grace,
The Holy Spirit's working power
The kindness of His face.

My human heart stands lone in guilt
It bears no peace or shine,
'Tis Jesus blood alone that cures
This vile heart of mine.

So when I've run life's final course
And see my Saviour's face,
I'll come before Him kneeling low
Clothed in a Robe of Grace.

Corrine Horst
September 1, 2015