Monday, 10 March 2014

Are You Travelling or Have You Moved In?

Punch the word traveller into the online dictionary and your result is a person who travels, esp. habitually. Move on to select the word travels and you come to a page with numerous definitions describing this common word. My favourite is number 4: to go from place to place as a representative of a business firm. And the word that captivates my attention is representative. In our advanced American countries the word represent is quite easy to apply.

Here's a quick list of things Canadians represent:
~ the company they work for
~ their country at the Olympics
~ products such as Tupperware =)
~ their family name
And the list goes on...

Imagine for a moment that you are a representative for a company that sold cleaning products. As you start out with a basket of glass cleaners, floor moppers, and shiny waxers, you are excited and bent solely on selling as many bottles as possible. Tackling the first potential customer you're only slightly intrigued with her half-finished quilt and her newly-adopted Siamese cat that parades stiffly through the kitchen. Now suppose instead of travelling on, you would take time to sit down with the homeowner, stroking her lofty cat (remember we're imagining....), as you reminisce o'er the knick-knacks of quilt-making. A few hours later you're startled from your lengthy discussion on patches as you hear a knock on the door and your employer steps in. The look on his face explains quite clearly that any excuse or desperate plea on your part will go quite unnoticed and all quotes that encourage silence at opportune times ought to be employed on the spot!

Alright so just in case you are a salesman or woman, I hope, and am quite sure I can trust, you to be a little more committed than you were in this sad scenario. And now I ask you a question: What about the mission Christ sent you on? Remember the day when He saved you from your sins and you started out with your basket of Good News all excited to tell people that He could save them too? Are you still travelling on undeterred from your mission? Or, have you slowed down? Taken time to enjoy what you'd like to do, caring more about your bank account than Jesus, cheating to get the upperhand, living for the approval of your friends? Are your eyes set on reaching heaven and taking as many people as possible with you? Or, is this world the part you're living for? Are you more interested in the things of God and fulfilling His purpose or are the Siamese cats and the good things like quilt-making distracting you from your goal?


Sometimes I get side-tracked and need to re-evaluate my life too. When we have all we want it's easy to forget to remember that Jesus really is coming back and the whole world will be faced with judgement day. So I ask the question, Are we still travelling or have we moved in?

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Hurts Enhance the Smiles

Life is a journey of bewildering curves that try our patience and get on our nerves. This line was written in a moment of frustration and perhaps with a hint of desperation. Yet, at the same time I've learned that such things really do serve to strengthen and change and completely challenge everything we believe.

Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word. ~ Psalm 119:67

Perhaps you're feeling a little sharpened today. Like you're going through a metamorphosis that seems to be revamping everything. You may be looking at the situation from a pit of darkness and depression but consider: If you're down deep, you'll be forced to look up at the Light. God's ways are perfect and when comes the end, the joy and the thankfulness will be worth it!!

Every dagger, every tear, every sad night that are part of you now will make you and shape you and God will only seem more gracious and loving.

Here's my heart for you:

I’ve lived through days filled with heartache and pain
And prayed to the Father to take them away
Then I heard Him whisper, “I’m always with you
I hold tomorrow, I’ll bring you through”

Yesterday’s trials give me strength for today
And they serve to remind me that He’ll make a way
The night-time is over and now I can see
That yesterday’s battles are today’s victory.

 If you are weary from the burdens you bear
So tired of struggling and getting’ nowhere
Give them to Jesus. He’ll stand in your place
When it is over, you’ll once again say.

~ by The Booth Brothers