Thursday, 30 December 2021

Looking to Jesus

 "For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." - Acts 4:20

This scripture come from a chapter in Acts where the religious leaders of the time were telling the apostles to be quiet. They were not ready to here the good news of Jesus Christ and neither did they want others from their synagogue to hear the message. Status, control, and politics had clouded their vision. 

What about us today? What clouds our vision to the good news of Jesus Christ? 

Daily worries and concerns? The current state of our world? The fear of how it will all end? 

Our minds can quickly find a multitude of dilemmas and problems to dwell on instead of finding "the peace that passes all understanding." 

Let us "fix our eyes upon the Author and Finisher of our faith." Let us "run with patience the race that is set before is." (Hebrews 12:1&2) Let us boldly walk forward, claiming our position, inheritance, acceptance, and safety in Jesus Christ our All in All. 

Keep courage brothers and sisters! Our redemption draweth nigh!